The Repercussions that Occur Due to the California Proposition 14

The effects of the California Proposition 14 is most evident in the state’s electoral processes. In order to understand the changes which are brought about by the Prop 14, a look at the current primary system is necessary. In the primary election, different ballots will be prepared for every political party. Voters who are part of a certain party will only be given the ballot which relates to where they belong. The others will also be given the ballot for their respective party. Those who are in partisan and nonpartisan offices will be given these ballots including propositions. On the other hand, those who are not affiliated to any party will be given ballots to offices and propositions that are nonpartisan in nature. Despite this, any political party can still choose to provide voters who are nonpartisan with ballots that come from their own group.

It is also essential for one to note that partisan elections will affects many statewide government positions including the governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasure, controller, attorney general, insurance commissioner as well as more than a hundred members of the legislature and those who will be part of the State Board of Equalization. Members of the congress will also be affected including the two highest positions of the president and vice president as well as the congressional members. Elections for presidential positions including those that involve the leadership of certain political parties are not covered by the California Prop 14.

The California Proposition 14 is a move to amend the current constitution of the state which involves elections held to fill positions for the federal and state offices. All of these changes will start to be implemented with elections that will be held after the 1st day of January 2011.

With the passing of the 14th Proposition there will be certain fiscal effects that will take place. There will be a significant number of changes in how people running for government office will have to prepare their ballot and other campaign materials. This could state expenses to soar. This is for the obvious reason that all candidate names will have to be printed on every preliminary election ballot which basically means that each of these ballots will be very long.

There are also some instances wherein the California Proposition 14 will bring about a reduction in election expenses. This is due to the elimination of the need to prepare ballots for every political party who will be part of the preliminary election. For the final or general election, the number of those who will be running for office will be significantly decreased. Only two candidates will ultimately be part of the general election. This will result to a marked reduction in election costs. There will also be certain instances wherein the Prop 14 will result to candidates from opposing parties to get elected. This will cause a less partisan approach to many relevant issues of the government. There will also be a greater chance of having officials who do not just represent a single kind of political ideology. The Proposition 14 will also bring about favor for those who have businesses.